Monday, June 2, 2014

Jodogahama Beach in Tohoku District

To be honest, I think I have quite a high standard for beaches. Why not? I live in the Philippines, a country that is filled with many beautiful beaches. However, if given the chance to visit a beach in a another country, I wouldn't pass on that!



During the driving tour along the Sanriku coast in Iwate Prefecture, Tohoku District, we stopped at Jodogahama beach in Miyako City for lunch. The place was actually heavily-damaged during the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami last March 2011 but has been rebuilt.

Soft-serve ice cream is quite expensive in Japan (well, practically everything is expensive there) at around 200 to 250 yen but it was too hot in the summer so I cannot resist buying

The coast was rocky and not too lengthy. The water was clean and the beach was protected by rock formations hence the waves are small and the place is very good for swimming. It was crowded because it was summer and it was a Sunday but I have to admit, it was a fun experience for me because the Japanese have a different way of enjoying the beach.


There was a rest house with shops and bathrooms but I didn't see any resorts. The guests pitched their tents near the shore.


Most of my co-participants ate their lunch under the sunlight but I cannot manage that! I had to take cover in the shade, lol.


We only spent a couple of hours there and I wasn't able to take a dip but I really enjoyed the time we were there.


I wouldn't say that it can rival Coron, Cebu or Boracay but Jodogahama beach in Miyako Prefecture certainly has its own charm!

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