Sunday, October 27, 2013

Farewell, Forte Maginhawa

Yesterday, QB, Airis and I went to Maginhawa Street for some catching up which ended up as a food trip as well. QB and I met for lunch at Chilli and Ink, proceeded to Simple Line where we waited for Airis and Klaine, and then we had dinner at Pino. Afterwards, Klaine wanted dessert, so I suggested Forte.

Initially, my tummy felt like it didn't have any more space for dessert but you know... that's a lie because there's always room for dessert haha. Also, I have this perpetual craving for their Dolce Latte Cheesecake. When I went to the cashier to order, the lady who works there told me that they will be moving to another location in Manila and that that day was their last in Maginhawa Street. </3 I was so sad.

I'm not the type to spend money on coffee shops but ever since my co-workers started raving about Forte's cheesecake, Forte became one of my favorite shops along Maginhawa Street and my go-to place for dessert because (1) their cheesecake is made of heaven, (2) the shop is just a few hundred meters from our office so whenever I'm stressed and/or I want dessert, I invite my co-workers who are also in love with their cheesecake to grab a slice, (3) the prices are reasonable like 90 to 110 for a slice of cake or pie (4) they have other yummy desserts for whenever the cheesecake is not available, (5) their peppermint and English toffee tea is really good, (6) the shop is cozy, very classy and filled with interesting things, (7) the people are really nice.

I'm really sad that they'll be moving away from our office because now I don't have a place to go to whenever I want/need dessert and it will be difficult to buy my favorite peppermint and English toffee tea. I'm sure there are other places along Maginhawa Street but I don't think they have desserts just as good with prices just as reasonable. Also, really, their Dolce Latte Cheesecake is just the best cheesecake ever. 

Anyway, I'm kind of glad I managed to be there during their last day because I'd probably feel sadder if I go there tomorrow just to find out that they're moving somewhere else. Also, we were given a complimentary slice of Swiss Chocolate and Capuccino cake (I hope I got the name right) and glasses of lemon iced tea. I also bought their last box of Dilmah peppermint and English toffee tea (PhP 450 for a box of 30). 

Forte, you will be missed. I hope I can visit your new location soon! Next time, aside from the cheesecake, I will make sure to try the sausages (they're good according to everyone I know who has tried them) and the Beethoven's Romance (ferrero-inspired drink)

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