Monday, August 20, 2012

Mezza Norte: Take 3

I went to Mezza Norte again in Technohub last Friday. It's my third time so far and I see myself frequenting the place in the future because it's very close to school and I really want to try as much food as I can (little by little, of course)!

We went there early (6pm) so that we can get some seats.

I miss the blue sky!
That Friday, I bought a kimchi fried rice burrito (PhP90).

Bitten burrito ;_; I'm sorry I was so hungry!

Mango cheesecake (PhP85)!

Next time (next week? LOL) I will try the burgers and the red velvet cake!


  1. Is it weird that I was still working in HSBC Technohub when this started, but I've never been to any? -_- And now I work in Makati na so, good luck -_-

    1. Oh, you really should try next time like when you get together with your HSBC friends or something! (Unless maybe there's also a food market in Makati?)