Sunday, August 12, 2012

All Things New

Can I just say how awesome this training is?

I seriously can't believe how, at some point, I wanted to back out from this because I really had SO MUCH in my hands! But now, I'm glad I didn't!

First, I'm learning a lot from the lectures. Imagine, the lectures are three hours long and yet I can keep my focus on most of them! 

Second, I'm learning so much from my [international] classmates. We come from different fields (not just engineering) and I think practically everyone is multi-lingual so it's fun teaching languages to each other and sharing experiences from different parts of the world. The learning experience is almost similar to traveling! Unlike competitions and conferences abroad, this training is a great venue to meet new friends because we really get to interact with each other. And everyone loves it! Sometimes, it gets difficult when we don't understand each other because of our accents but we get by.

Last Friday, I went to Mezza Norte with some of them. I made the Asians try balut (unfertilized/aborted duck egg) and then the Americans isaw haha. We had lots of food and then beer at Ral's. I really had fun with all the stories.

Yesterday (Saturday), we had a "field trip" of sorts to Tagaytay and Manila Bay. It was so reminiscent of kindergarten/grade school field trips but that's what makes it nostalgic plus it's a very different experience when you're having a field trip with people from different countries!

Now, I just got back from karaoke night with some of them and we enjoyed! It's funny that we come from different countries but we practically know the same songs.

There are only five days left for us to finish our reports and to interact. Sigh. We need to make the most of it.

PS: Not posting photos with their faces because they may not like it or something.

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