Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Changgyeonggung in Seoul, South Korea

On my second day in Seoul, I woke up early and took the subway to Hyehwa Station.

With the help of the station map, I walked from the subway station towards Changgyeonggung (Palace). It was quite a long walk but it was manageable. 

I paid the KRW1,000 admission fee and then just immersed myself in the palace environment.

I really enjoyed my time in Changgyeonggung because there are many buildings to explore and there are very few people around. (I dunno if it was because it's still pretty early or because Changgyeonggung is not as famous as the other palaces like Gyeongbukgung.) To be honest, it was my favorite palace among the three I visited. (The other two were Changdeokgung and Gyeongbukgung.)

My favorite spot in the palace is this building shown below. It would have been a really great spot to read and chill because it's quiet. Plus, I love wooden floors! Also, no shoes allowed inside so it's alright to sit or even roll around lol.

After a couple hours of walking and taking photos with the tripod, I went to the back of the palace where I discovered that there's an entrance gate for Changdeokgung (another palace which happened to be my next destination). Pretty convenient, no? I will write about Changdeokgung next!

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