Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Banaue: A Sudden Trip Up North

Monday evening, I suddenly found myself on a trip to Banaue-Sagada with my co-workers. It was very sudden and I only had 20 minutes to pack. I even left my towel and my jeans (haha) but I managed without them and I'm proud of myself that I can pack a week's worth that quickly because I'm usually a slowpoke at packing.

It was Tuesday noon when we got to Banaue and it was raining. We brought our work there (since we work remotely) and therefore barely had time for sight-seeing. 

The view from our inn.

The next morning, however, the sky cleared up for a while and we were lucky to see the rice terraces from the different view points.

In school, we hear A LOT about the rice terraces and I've seen countless pictures already but seeing it for real is totally different-- it's breathtakingly amazing! I cannot imagine how our ancestors created this 2000 years ago with just their primitive tools.

Wild sunflowers were growing everywhere.

The two photos above were taken on the way from Banaue to Sagada. We may not have gone sightseeing much but the drive across the mountains was already a treat in itself. The views look just like paintings!

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