Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gyeongju National Museum: Where I Spent My Last Afternoon in Gyeongju

After the Namsan Mountain hike, I rested a bit at my guesthouse and then went around downtown to visit the Gyeongju National Museum. It's quite a big museum with free admission and it houses quite a lot of relics.

I rented an audio guide (for KRW2000). However, that day, I learned that audio guides aren't exactly for me because most of the stuff in the audio guide can be read in the exhibit. Plus, I'm not good at remembering things so most things I learned really just slip away eventually lol.

Actually, if you're not such a museum/history/art nut and you've seen the relics in Anapji and Daereungwon Tombs, the museum could be quite redundant. Nevertheless, admission is free so it's actually a good way to pass time when you're downtown. Also, photography is allowed. (You can't use flashes and tripods, though.)

Doesn't this remind you of historial Korean dramas?

Silla Kingdom was definitely a wealthy kingdom.

The civil engineer in me had fun learning about roof construction.

I only went to three exhibition halls but I think there are a few more. I was just really tired that afternoon so I decided to rest my feet and have some snack at the cafe inside the museum. And then before dusk fell, I started walking back to the restaurants downtown to find dinner.

I passed by Wolseong area at sunset and chanced upon these beautiful views. It just felt perfect. I can't remember the last time I watched the sun set in the mountains (in Nepal, most probably).

And then it came to me that I was going to leave for Busan the next morning and I realized how much I enjoyed my stay in Gyeongju. I climbed a temple, met very nice people, went hiking and I did a lot of walking. The language barrier proved to be a challenge but Gyeongju was definitely amazing.

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