Friday, October 24, 2014

And Then Baler Happened

A few days after I came back from South Korea, we went to Baler for our semi-annual company outing. Our first day was rainy but it didn't stop my co-workers from trying out surfing. 

The next day was sunny, luckily, so we went to Ditumabo Mother Falls, Ermita Hill and Dicasalarin Cove. 

Going to Ditumabo Mother Falls required a 30-minute trek which included crossing the streamwith fast currents multiple times and crossing a couple of roughly-assembled albeit seemingly-sturdy bridges made of bamboo. It wasn't very tiring though... the trail was not steep and I guess my body got tempered after all the hiking and climbing I did in South Korea. Plus, the trek was full of lovely views so it was actually enjoyable.

Walking above the penstock of the hydropower plant was the easiest part lol
When we arrived at the falls, there were lots of people taking selfies by the edge of the water so we had to battle a little to be able to get into the water and swim. It was super cold but I enjoyed a lot because the water is so clean!

After Ditumabo Falls, we had lunch and then went to Ermita Hill.

a view of Baler from Ermita Hill

Later that afternoon, we went Dicasalarin Cove. It was a scary winding ride up and down the mountains before reaching the cove but the views were breathtaking. It's quite unique too because while Sabang beach is filled with black (volcanic ash) sand, Dicasalarin on the other hand has white sand.

It's not a beach for swimming because the waves are big, the water was low and beneath the water are rocks. However, the sandy area of the beach was really big and it was just perfect for chilling, making sand structures and collecting seashells.

Baler was amazing. Even the ride was very scenic. It's a small town where food, including seafood, is cheap. (It was my first time to eat lobster!) It was a very beautiful experience and sharing it with my co-workers was fun! And right now, I am very glad that I'm able to explore the Philippines more and more. This is actually the eighth local municipality/city I visited this year! As they say, "Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan." (Don't be a stranger in your own homeland.)

Cheers to more travels!

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