Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sanity-Keeping in San Juan, La Union

During the past few weeks (or months), stress has been eating up my sanity so I decided to take some time off work and treat myself to a short R&R. I took a seven-hour bus ride to San Juan, La Union last Monday for an overnight trip. It was my first time going to Region I.

I thought La Union was gonna be warm like Manila but I ended up shivering in the winds haha.

I took surfing lessons in the afternoon. Too bad the waves were too big and the tide was high-- totally not for a beginner like me. After hitting my face into the board a number of times (This kept happening when waves hit me while going away from the shore), I still managed to stand up and ride my first wave. Not bad for experience, I guess. At least, I was able to strike out "Try surfing" off my bucketlist. :)

When I could barely push myself from the board, I decided to stop and just sit by the shore-- my favorite beach activity.

I was supposed to try surfing again the following morning but the waves were still too strong for a beginner and my arms and chest were sore like mad so I ditched the plan. I decided to just read a book at the restaurant. The breaking waves make for the perfect background music.

The view from my room's porch. Not bad.

I miss the winds up north. That short trip was amazing.


  1. you travel[ed] alone. I ENVY YOU. yet to try to surf, hopefully soon! <3 beach na beach na ko, ang init!! :))

    1. Hi Ghoent! Actually, I wasn't alone. I tagged my mom along dahil bored siya-- but she practically left me alone during the trip haha. And bago ka mag-surf, I advice to enhance your arm/core/leg strength! Nagsisi ako na I neglected my workout routine the week prior to surfing huhu... sakit tuloy ng katawan ang inabot.