Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nakano: My Conveyor Belt Sushi Experience

Our third day in the Todai Innovation Summer Program (TISP) 2013 was spent doing field work on Japanese pop culture. We were divided into groups and my group was assigned to go to Nakano.

Upon exiting the station, we saw a street with a covered walkway, lined with many shops and restaurants. It reminds me of Kannon Dori in Asakusa (though Kannon Dori is a lot more traditional and a lot more expensive haha). After a couple of trips around Tokyo (Asagaya, Kichijoji), I learned that this kind of shopping street is like a normal affair. I think it's pretty cool!

It was almost lunch time when we arrived at Nakano. There were a lot of restaurants around but what caught my attention was the number of kurazushi (conveyor belt sushi) restaurants--there were many! I have been dying to experience that for as long as I could remember! There's a conveyor belt sushi restaurant here in Manila called Sakae Sushi which I've been meaning to try but I never did so (story of my life) but it doesn't matter anymore because I was finally able to try the real deal in Japan.

Prices depend on the plate on which the sushi is placed

After we sat down, I noticed this faucet-like thing in front of me so I asked my Japanese co-participant what it was. Turns out, it dispenses hot water with which... put matcha powder! I don't understand why but for some reason, I never really loved matcha (I mean I can tolerate it but I don't necessarily look for it every now and then) until this recent trip to Japan.

Just get anything you want from the conveyor

Wasabi also arrives every now and then

Ikura (salmon roe) sushi

Ebi sushi

I could have taken more sushi photos but I didn't for I was too engrossed with eating. Funny enough, I did not eat a lot (I only had four plates!) because I was way too marveled by the conveyor belt experience.

Grah, writing this post makes me more hungry. I want to eat sushi now. :(

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