Saturday, June 8, 2013

Handmade Stationery

I owe this blog a lot of stories, seriously.

The past couple of weeks (maybe you can even say the past month) has been really tough on me. It's not the bad kind of tough but the challenging kind instead. And I'm always up for challenges.

I also realized that for the first time since kindergarten, I am not directly affected by the first day of classes. I worked as a university instructor immediately after graduating from college so now that I've resigned from the academe, there's a feeling which is so difficult to explain. It's neither good nor bad. Maybe it's just a weird feeling.


Last Thursday, I woke up early (despite staying up until 3am, working) and made this stationery before going to work. I've written a letter on it to send to a penpal. I still want to make more!

made with kraft paper, felt-tip pen, sakura puncher and handmade sakura stamp

I haven't written a lot of mail recently but maybe when I regain my footing (which will probably happen when I stop overbooking my weekends), I can get back to my hobby (and write all my overdue blog posts too).

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