Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dinner at the Toilet

Ever tried eating dinner while sitting down a toilet bowl?

Okaaaay, that was a little gross, I'm sorry. But no, this post is going to be fun and not gross, I promise!

After Zhishan Garden and NPM, we rode a bus back to MRT Jiantan Station, where Shilin nightmarket is located. For dinner, I insisted that we go to the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Shilin because I've always wanted to try it since September. It's a famous themed restaurant in Taipei which is... well, obviously, toilet-themed.

Nope, it's not gross. It's actually interesting. Although I'm not sure about that if you're the kind of person who's sensitive when it comes to those things.

Modern Toilet Restaurant merchandise

Instead of chairs, you sit on cute toilet bowls...

Instead of tables, there are sinks or bath tubs fitted with glass tops...

There are bathroom fittings and instead of table napkins, toilet paper is provided.

This is Sir William's hotpot. There's fire at the bottom to keep it hot.

Sir Christian's dish (I forgot what he ordered) with poo-shaped rice, LOL.

My chicken curry (NTD150).

Chicken curry on a toilet bowl, anyone?

Add NTD 60 for thick soup or green tea or milk tea and ice cream. Since tea is diuretic and I didn't want the hassle of looking for a toilet while shopping at the nightmarket, I passed on the milk tea and got thick soup instead.

Soup on a toilet bowl, anyone?

Poo-shaped ice cream on a urinal, anyone?

The irony is that the real toilet inside the restaurant is plain-looking. But oh well, it doesn't really affect the dining experience.

LOL sorry for this toilet photo!

It's pretty pricey for such a small restaurant. I paid a total of NTD231 (~PhP346.5) because there's an additional 10% service charge. 

The food wasn't exactly special but it wasn't bad either. The curry actually tasted like my cooking, LOL. Then again, you're paying for the experience! So as long as the food is not bland, I think it's still worth the money. And besides, toilet bowls, sinks and bathtubs are definitely more expensive compared to ordinary tables, chairs and kitchenware.

Girl from the tropics happily eating her curry


  1. LOL! Natawa naman ako sa post na 'to. Nakita ko napo itong restaurant sa internet whilst blog hopping through fun sites. Funny talaga! :))

    Almira :)

    1. I think it's really getting popular! I saw an article in Cebu Pacific's magazine that there's a Modern Toilet Restaurant in Vietnam as well (or was it Cambodia, I forgot)

  2. Okay... that's weird. But fun! Their merch look cute, too. :)

    1. Weird, indeed but the good kind of weird, I guess. ^_^ I would have wanted the merch if they weren't so expensive T_T

  3. so cute :) i got a toilet bowl mug from clippers almost the same bowl that they are using but still wish to try that one.

    1. I must really say it's cute coz the place is so colorful and decorative! Oh, I should stop by Clipper, I'd like a toilet bowl mug myself! Haha. Thanks for sharing that and for dropping by. ^_^