Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I Miss: Alfahkr's and Moonleaf

Before I graduated, I started frequenting Maginhawa Street with friends. Whenever we had long breaks at noon and had budget, we'd eat lunch and drink milk tea. Or if it's a Friday night, we'd eat somewhere and then stay at Moonleaf. It was pretty much mundane.

Recently, of course, I haven't been able to do that. Today, however, I got the chance to hang out with my friends Jijo and Sean.

We ate at Alfahkr's (Persian food place near Friuli and Crazy Katsu). I love that place! For some reason, there's never much people at any time of the day (or night). Perhaps not much people appreciate Persian food? But I really like it!

Pretty friend Sean

Pretty friend Jijo

Food costs around 70 to 120 pesos.

I like Alfahkr's new menu's art!

They have murals

Jijo's double beef kebab (with rice and grilled tomatoes) costs Php110.00. The single beef kebab costs Php70.00.

Jijo's food: double beef kebab.

Keema rice (one of my favorites) costs Php70.00. While the serving may look small, it's actually very filling! This serving of keema can actually stand two cups of rice but of course I can't take that much rice! Haha.

Keema rice

Persian food contains lots of spices, which I really like! The food is also best eaten with their yogurt sauce and chili sauce. It's a perfect place to appease my craving for spicy food! Service is pretty slow but I am able to bear it because I really like the food.

After Alfahkr's, we headed to Moonleaf like we always do. Alfahkr's + Moonleaf = PERFECT COMBO FOREVER because the sweetness of milk tea washes out the saltiness and the spiciness of Alfahkr's food.

Yogurt milk tea! A mix of jasmine tea, yakult and milk.

I just realized that despite being a fan of Moonleaf, I've never really made a review on it! I should and I will but not now because Moonleaf deserves its own post (naks mehganon haha).

Macaron and cookies and cream brownie

For the first time, I also bought dessert from Moonleaf. I'm normally kuripot but I felt like spoiling myself because I've been working so hard recently. I bought a red velvet macaron. Pretty expensive at Php25 but well, macarons are normally expensive haha. I bought one because I've never tasted a macaron my whole life and I'd like to learn how to make them too! It was good! I also got a cookies and cream brownie because I love cookies and cream and I thought I'd like to try baking something like that. However, at Php40, the brownie wasn't exceptional haha.

This is what happened to my receipt

Have I mentioned that Moonleaf's newly opened branch in P. Campa is just across the review center? I was actually there during their soft opening two Mondays ago haha. Indeed my budget is in grave danger but it's pretty much okay. After all, I'm not one to drink Moonleaf everyday or even every other day.

*Sigh* I miss Maginhawa Friday Nights with my friends!


  1. moonleaf opened a branch din somewhere in marikina! pero na-delay yata ang opening, i think last week dapat? pero, kung makakatikim man ako ng moonleaf tea, mukhang sa marikina branch na. hahaha! =P

    go review it na para alam ko bibilhin ko! =P

  2. Naku, feeling ko mag-eenjoy ka tumambay dun. Clean, minimalist interiors and good lightingang theme ng Moonleaf lagi! Anyway, unahan ko na yung review post. Personal favorites ko ay Yakult Jasmine, Passionfruit Yakult at Wintermelon Milk Tea. Recommended din ang Vanilla Milk Tea at Pudding Milk Tea XD

  3. ohh.. sige, ill probably try yakult jasmine (dahil madali tandaan panagalan! hahaha!) when i get to go there. thank you Claire! :D